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                                 March 15, 2020
(Please note due to the spread of Covid-19 in our area our services as been cancelled until further notice. Please visit our "Services" tab for our weekly devotional in lieu of our sermons)
Our Sunday morning messages are on various subjects but with emphasis on keeping the preaching simple focusing on the person of Jesus Christ. Our services focuses on helping those who enter our services understand God's Word by explaining the text in simple terms.
You will find the dates and message below in this series:




​December 1, 2019  "The Incarnation of Jesus Christ"


Text:            John 1:1-5
This message  focus on Christ taken on human flesh as God. We stress that these verses in John lays the building blocks of the Christian faith. The understanding of these verses are crucial in what we as Christians believe about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
December 15, 2019  "A Child is Born, A Son is Given""
Text:            Isaiah 9:6-7
This message deals with the prophesy of Jesus Christ as given to us by the prophet Isaiah. In these verses, we see the greatness and majesty of who Jesus Christ is. There is no person including kings and presidents that ever lived that could live up to the names described in these verses except Jesus Christ.
December 22, 2019  "The God Of The What Ifs""
Text:            Psalm 139
This message deals with those who at this time of the year find Christmas not so joyful due to unpleasant circumstances like death of a loved one or by sickness.  Psalms 139 presents us a God that cares for us by being a God who is in control of our circumstances.
December 22, 2019  "The Announcements of Christ Birth"" (Evening Service)
Text:             Luke 2: 8-38
This message deals with  the announcements of Christ birth to the shepherds taking care of their sheep near Bethlehem by angels. This announcement was unique and special in that it was not made to kings or even religious leaders of that day but to shepherds caring for their flocks.
January 5, 2020  "God's Abounding Grace"
Text:             Romans 5: 12-21
This service  focuses on the Lord's table  where we as believers are called to remember the benefits we all received by Christ death on the cross and His resurrection. This message focuses on Paul's teaching of  God's abounding grace.
January 12, 2020  "If Jesus Returns in 2020, Will You Be Ready?"
Text:             Revelation 22
This message  focuses on the possibility that the Lord may return after His church this year. Of course we do not know when He will return, but if he comes are we ready to receive him? Our text tells us that Jesus' coming is imminent,  and we need to make sure we have made the necessary preparations.
January 26, 2020    "Adam, Where Art Thou?"
Text:             Genesis 3:7-13
This message  focuses on the grace of God when God asked Adam a simple question question "Adam, where art thou?" Adam and Eve had sinned but it is God seeking Adam not Adam seeking God.
February 2, 2020    "Who Am I?"
Text:              Exodus 3:1-12
This message  focuses on the question that Moses asked God when the Lord choose him to stand before Pharaoh. Moses response is like many of us "Why me?" "Who am I to stand before Pharaoh and command anything?" is the response Moses gave God when He chose him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.

February 16, 2020    "God's Compassionate Mercy"
Text:              Exodus 2: 23-25
This message  focuses on the the compassion God showed to Israel in delivering them from the bondage of Egypt. In like manner, God showed us compassion by sending His son to die on the cross for our sins. We show in this message the difference in God being compassionate versus God being actively compassionate in sending His son.
February 23, 2020    "Who Really Is Jesus Christ?"
Text:              Matthew 16:13-20
This message  focuses ask a simple question, "Who really is Jesus Christ?"  As Christ begins to make his journey to the cross from a Gentile territory called Caesarea Philippi, he wanted to make sure His disciples  knew His identity. He ask them two questions: (1.) Who do men say I am? and (2) Who do you say the I am? In like manner, every sinner  must understand who Jesus is and what he did for the cross.


March 1, 2020    "Is There Not A Cause?"
Text:              I Samuel 17: 19-30
This message  focuses  on the young shepherd boy David who asked his brother, "Is there not a cause?" when his brother became angry for his coming to see the battle of the Philistines. Many folks know the story of David and Goliath, but what is not known is the spiritual lessons in this chapter. We focus on the spiritual battles every believer faces, and what God uses to give us victory in our battles in the giants in our lives.

March 8, 2020    "The Clouds Are The Dust of His Feet"
Text:              Nahum 1: 1-7
This message  focuses  on the dark clouds that appear in our lives. We have a tendency when disaster strikes, we blame God for whatever is happening. We fail to see the big picture that God is using these events so we may see His greatness. You see It is these clouds in our lives that tells us that God is there for "the clouds are the dust of His feet."
March 15, 2020    "The Sayings of Christ on The Cross"
Text:              Luke 23:13-45
This message  focuses  on the seven sayings of Christ on the cross. This is one part of a three part message over next few weeks before Easter. We focused on the first two sayings of Christ on the cross; (1.)'Father forgive them" and (2.) "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise." These two statements is what we call the "Words of Forgiveness" and the "Words of Hope."


We trust that the Lord will send you our way for a visit in the near future, At Crusade Baptist Church, we love to have visitors.  Please pray for our leaders and our country as we face this Coronavirus Pandemic that God will give our leaders wisdom in finding a way to  heal our land from this virus.



 In His Service,
Rev. Michael R. Martin

Rev. Michael R. Martin


Luke 23: 13-45Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 30:50

March 15, 2020 "The Sayings of Christ

                              On The Cross"                              

Nahum 1: 1-7Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 38:35

March 8, 2020 "The Clouds Are The Dust                                     Of his Feet"                                

March 1, 2020 "Is There Not A Cause?"                                         

I Samuel 17:19-30Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 38:35

February 23, 2020 "Who Really Is Jesus                                                 Christ?"                                           

Matthew 16:13-20Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 38:06

February 16, 2020   "God's Compassionate


Exodus 2:23-25Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 40:58

February 2, 2020          "Who Am I?"                                     

Exodus 3:1-12Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 44:15

January 26, 2020       "Adam, Where Art


Genesis 3: 7-13Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 50:33

January 12, 2020 'If Jesus Returns in 2020

                                      Will You Be Ready?"

Revelation 22Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 45:13

January 5 2020  "God's Abounding Grace"

Romans 5:12-21Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 21:48

December 22, 2019  "The Announcements

   (Evening Service)           of Christ Birth"

Luke 2: 8-38Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 41:47

December 22, 2019  "The God Of The

                                           What Ifs"

Psalm 139Rev. Michael R Martin
00:00 / 42:22

December 15, 2019  "A Child is Born, a Son

                                              is Given"

Isaiah 9:6-7Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 39:05

December 1, 2019  "The Incarnation Of

                                        Jesus Christ"                                

John 1:1-5Rev. Michael R. Martin
00:00 / 26:06