Our Morning Message for Sunday, July 18, 2021: 

                   "When God Does Not Make Sense"

                              Text:  John 11:1-28 


   (Our July 25th Message is not Available at this Time)                                                                                         

Our morning message deals with a familiar story found in the New Testament, the resurrection of Lazarus. Lazarus was a brother of Mary and Martha located in a small town called Bethany. His sisters had sent word to Jesus that their brother was sick. We see in our text that the Lord waited four days to go to Bethany allowing Lazarus to die from this sickness.

As soon as Jesus arrives in Bethany, we see Mary not understanding why Jesus had waited so long to come. Her words to Jesus was in this manner, "Lord, if thou hadst been been here, my brother had not died." (v.21)

Mary's view of Jesus tarrying was from an earthly point of view, but Jesus purpose was to reveal the glory of God from the resurrection of Mary's brother. This was from a spiritual perspective not an earthly one. Through the death of Lazarus, Christ will shew the power of God through the miracle of the resurrection.His delay would not only benefit Martha and Mary but also will benefit all the Jews who were there to comfort Mary and Martha in their brother's death.

We do not have the ability to understand God's purpose in trials, heartaches, and sadness that comes in our lives except through the eyes of faith. Faith is our spiritual eyesight. Our physical eyes allows us to view life from an earthly perspective, but our spiritual eyes allows us to grasp hold on the character of God. We trust Him even when God does not make sense in our lives.

​                                                    Pastor Michael R. Martin

Bible Verse of the Week:

"I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were

                                dead, yet he shall live."   John 11:25





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