Our Sunday Morning Message for May 8, 2022: 

                                  "A Trapped Door"

                              Text:  Proverbs 5:1-18


On this Mother's Day, we focused our attention on the importance and value of our homes as an institution in our society. David Jeremiah, pastor of the Shadow Mountain Community Church located in San Diego County, California,describes the spiritual condition of the home in our current culture this way, "I never thought I would see the day when marriage would be obsolete, morality would be in free fall, and the church would become irrelevant to society."  I believe you will have to agree that it seems that our world is in chaos today. I believe it is primary due to the failures we are seeing in our homes and in our churches.

Our churches are composed of families, and the behavior of the members of those families affect the church. As someone once said, "If the home is not right, the church will not be right!"

Our text we are considering here on Mother's Day is the advice of a father to his son. It could have been the advice of a mother to her children. This particular father is warning his son of the "strange woman." Who is this "strange woman?" This is a woman of the world who desires to trap his son in the life of immorality. Our focus this morning is on the verse of this text where the father advises his son not to come near the door of this woman's house(v.8). This is a trapped door. It may be attractive at first, but once you enter in you are trapped. Your reputation will be ruined, and your honor lost says the father to his son(v.9).

May, I say to you that the Bible does not take a flippant attitude toward marriage as the world does.  It is a holy relationship. For as there is unity in the home, there will be unity in our churches. It is this unity that draws men and women to the church to be saved. The home's of the unsaved are in a mess,and the sweetness they see in the Christian home draws them to the Savior.

How's your home, my friend? If you lack unity between you and your spouse, come to Jesus. He is able to fix whatever is lacking in your life and the lives of your loved ones.



​​​​​                                                       Pastor Michael R. Martin



The Good News for the Week:

"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh

                 ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.' Proverbs 12: 4

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