Our Morning Message for Sunday, November 14, 2021: 

                               "Grieving The Holy Spirit"

                                 Text: Ephesians 4: 30-31



In this text, we discuss the subject of grieving the Holy Spirit. As we discussed last Sunday, the Holy Spirit indwells us the moment we received Christ as our Savior. The Holy Spirit has a ministry in our Christian lives by comforting us when we faced stress in our lives, guiding us, and leading us to keep our hearts and mind upon our sweet Lord. However, when we allow sin to enter our lives, we grieve the Holy Spirit.

So you may asked, what does the scripture mean when it says the Holy Spirit is grieved? Well, simply but we hurt the Holy Spirit's feelings. This  speaks volumes of the personality of the Holy Spirit. He is not  an "it" nor a "thing" but He is a person. He is somewhat like us except He does not have a sinful nature. He is part of the Godhead, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. The Godhead is not three gods but one God manifested to us in three persons.

In our text, we are told that there are six things that offends the Holy Spirit. They are bitterness, wrath or rage, an outburst of anger, clamour or finding fault, evil speaking or slander and gossip, and then malice  or being spiteful seeking vengeance. Then in the next verse, we are given three things that pleases the Holy Spirit, kindness, being tenderhearted, and forgiving 

So, what happens when a believer grieves the Holly Spirit? It breaks fellowship. The Holy Spirit cannot work in your life when you have grieved Him. So, remember for your life to be effective as a Christian, you need to have the Holy Spirit to control your thinking and your emotions. Either you are being controlled by the Spirit or by the flesh. It is a decision you have to make daily and sometimes multiple times in a given day.

Let your light so shine in this world that they may see Jesus!


                                                       Pastor Michael R. Martin



Bible Verse of the Week:

"And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are  sealed unto the day                                                    of redemption."  Ephesians 4:30

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