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​​We are anticipating opening our church services effective October 4th for the 11 am service only, since the governor is allowing 25 people for inside gathering and 50 people for outside gatherings. We trust you will be able to join us for this special opening of our church. Until then, we will be posting our devotionals through the month of September.



Devotion for the Week of  September 27, 2020: 

As we continue in our study on the doctrine of prayer, I would like for us to focus on what the Bible teaches on the sin of prayerlessness. I am reminded of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament where he made this promise to the people of Israel, "Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you.." ( I Samuel 12:23)  Here, Samuel is telling us that the failure to pray is sin.

A preacher of the past named Oswald Chambers made this bold statement for our failure to take time to pray, "A great many people do not pray because they do not feel any sense of need. The sign that the Holy Spirit is in us is that we realize that we are empty, not that we are full. We have a sense of absolute need. We come across people who try us, circumstances that are difficult, conditions that are perplexing, and all these things awaken an inexpressible sense of need, which is a sign that the Holy Spirit is there."

These words of Oswald chambers should strike conviction in our hearts for our failure to pray. He truly points out our primary reason for not praying is because we fail to recognize our helplessness and need to pray, if we could only see the wretchedness of our sinful nature, we would not let opportunities pass by for us to pray. I am reminded of Isaiah's prayer in Isaiah 6, when he saw God in His essence glory, and cried out to God, "Woe is me! For I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips.." (Isaiah 6:5) Definitely Isaiah saw his need to pray when he saw the wretchedness of his sin, and his helplessness as a sinner before a Holy God. oh how I wish the church of 2020 saw this need to pray as Isaiah did.

John R. Rice, the founding editor of the Sword of the Lord, a fundamental newspaper, said this about prayerlessness among God's people, "What is wrong with the churches is lack of true prayer. What is wrong with the preachers is the same sin, prayerlessness...Foe every sin, every failure, every lack of true prayer, God had a remedy and cure if we had sufficiently and effectually prayed."

May we have the same ambition as Samuel, "God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray.."


​​​Sunday Morning Message From The Pastor (appx 10-15 min in length):





9-27-20 The Sin of Prayerlessness
00:00 / 13:29

Rev. Michael R. Martin


9-20-20A Self-Willed Heart
00:00 / 17:05
9-13-20The Prayer of Selfishness
00:00 / 12:01
9-6-20Idolatry In Our Hearts
00:00 / 18:37
8-30-20 Indifference To His Word
00:00 / 15:35

Bible Verse for the Week: 

"Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you.."

                                                                                              ( I Samuel 12:23)

Please keep our country in your prayers, and pray for our leaders that our Lord will give them the wisdom to deal with this virus that is inflicting our lives as well as the civil unrest in our country.


Especially pray for our coming election that God will move in the hearts of our citizens to place the man that He wants be our next President of the United States.