Our Wednesday Evening Message for Sunday, July 21, 2021: 

                                "The Feeling of Loneliness"

                                     Text: II Timothy 4:9-16











In our Wednesday Bible Study, we continue in our study of II Timothy 4 where Paul continues to give His advice to young Timothy who needs to be encouraged in standing up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In our text, we see the personal words of Paul to young Timothy, "Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me.( (v.9)  Why did Paul say this? Because Paul is lonely. What Paul is really saying is, "Timothy, I am lonely, so hurry up and get up here!"

So, why is the great Apostle Paul lonely? Well, everyone that he had placed confidence in has left him. He speaks of a co-laborer named Demas. He says, "Demas hath forsaken me having loved this present world." (v.10)  Then Paul mentions some of God's men. These were some of Paul's friends doing the Master's business, Crescens and Titus. They did not abandon him, but was engaged in laboring for the gospel sake. Paul says only Luke is with me, and ask Timothy to bring young Mark with him.


Loneliness is a feeling of being emotionally isolated, a feeling of being unwanted and unneeded even in a crowd. You may be surprise that Paul the great Apostle faced loneliness in the last days of his life. It is here we see the human side of Paul and an emotion even Paul faced like many of us. However, God gave Paul some great friends, Luke and Timothy to encourage him during this time in his life.


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