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                   Our Sunday Evening Message for May 5, 2024: 

                                       "In Defense Of The Gospel"

                                        Text:  Philippians 1: 15-18


In our Sunday Evening service, we have taken on a new study. We will like to walk you through the Epistle of Philippians. It is only four chapters long, but rich in encouragement in living a fruitful Christian life.  We will approach this study in an expository manner breaking down each verse so that we can understand the Scriptures.


In our study on Philippians, we have learned that this epistle is an epistle of joy. it is the expression of joy in living the Christian life regardless of the trial and heartaches that comes our way. The church of Philippi is the only church that Paul ministered to that gave him financial support. We see this in the fourth chapter of Philippians when Paul says, " church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only." (Phil. 4:15)   So as Paul writes this letter, it is a thank you note for all that these believers have done for him.

It is noteworthy to contrast the other epistles that Paul wrote with this epistle. In all other epistles, Paul always addresses himself as "Paul, the apostle," but not here in this epistle. In the other epistles, he is addressing doctrinal issues or behavior problems. However, in this epistle, he only addresses himself as "Paul." This is a personal letter expressing his gratitude for their gifts, not a letter as an authoritarian as an apostle to address some problems in the church.

Paul is in prison in Rome, and his frame of mind is a simple one. He is joyous of fellow believers being more zealous in sharing the gospel as a result of his imprisonment. We see his attitude when he says, "And many of the brethren in the Lord, waxing confident by my bonds, are much more bold to speak the word without fear." (v.14) In other words, Paul is thrilled that his imprisonment have caused many of the brethren to fear men less and God more.

In our text, Paul says, "I am set for the defense of the gospel." (v.17)  Paul did not need the Philippian church to go out and get him a lawyer to defend him before Caesar. To the contrary, Paul was content where he was as a prisoner for Jesus Christ. There were two groups preaching the gospel as a result of his imprisonment. One group preached the gospel with contentment in their heart desiring to hurt Paul's ministry, while the other preach Christ as a result of their love for the Apostle Paul.

Paul is saying, "What then?" (v.18)  In other words, what difference does it make as long as Christ is being preached? It is not about Paul. It is all about Christ!

In our world today, the same is true for us. Our focus should not be on a preacher or a church or a religious movement, but our focus should be on Jesus Christ! Preachers or movements may divide us, but only preaching Christ will we the church be united.





                                                     Pastor Michael R. Martin






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Rev. Michael R. Martin


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