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"As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing

        over he will preserve it."

                   Isaiah 31: 5












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         A Message from The Pastor

          A Church Like It Use to Be

             With Traditional Music

                    And Worship


​Crusade Baptist Church is a small country church with a big heart.  I have had the unique privilege of working with these wonderful people since May of 2015. 

We are a teaching church comparing scripture with scripture. Also, our services are traditional in nature with traditional music and worship in all our services. Our purpose in existing as a church is to declare the whole counsel of God to those who enter our services. 

If you like this type of church, please be our guest  by visiting us on any given service.  We love to have visitors come and visit us. We believe you will receive a hearty welcome from this church family.


Once you enter our church, you will not feel like a visitor but you will immediately feel like you are a part of our church family.


We welcome all folks regardless of their social background, race, or ethnicity. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people, and we boldly proclaim His love and grace to all those who enter the doors of our church.


If you have any questions about the ministry of Crusade Baptist Church or any comments about this website, please feel free to contact me either by my email address: or you may text me at (336) 613-6878.


In His Service,


Pastor Michael R. Martin


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