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             August 21, 2022
  Guest Speaker,Isaac McDuffie

McDuffie pic_edited.jpg

Our church was blessed by having Preacher Isaac McDuffie in our services. We had the unique privileged of hearhing him preach in our morning and evening service. Brother McDuffie is the former pastor of Crusade Baptist Church (1968-1972).

Preacher McDuffie is currently retired with over 50 years of pastoring. He currently resides in Cornelia, Georgia, and is presently an interim pastor in  a church in the Georgia area. Unfortunately, he recently lost his wife, Patircia Mcduffie, due to Alzheimer a few years back.

In our evening service, we had a cake and ice cream church fellowship right after the service. Many came for this fellowship, and we enjoyed catching up on some memories when Brother McDuffie was here in the late 1960's as the pastor of Crusade Baptist Church.

We enjoyed his ministry to our church, and have included one of his messages he preached to us on this webpage. We believe this message will be a blessing to you as it was to our church family.

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