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        Book of Ruth Series
We recently completed a study on the book of Ruth chapter by chapter.  Below is an outline of this study:
Chapter 1    "Weeping Chapter"
Chapter 2    "Working Chapter"
Chapter 3    "Waiting Chapter"
Chapter 4    "Wedding Chapter"
This book of Ruth is not just a book of romance, wedding, and  a marriage, but is a book about redemption.
Ruth being outsider of Israel finds redemption in a kinsman redeemer named Boaz.  We learn how God uses a famine, a funeral, and fate to meet the needs of two widows, Naomi and Ruth.
This book is not just about two woman who lost her husbands in the land of Moab, but is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ and his redemptive work on the cross .  As Boaz redeems Naomi, Jesus Christ redeems us as sinners by paying our price of sin on the cross.
I believe this has been a great study in God's Word.  I trust these messages will be a great help and blessing to you as it was to us.  We give the Lord praise in what the Holy Spirit taught us in this study about our redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.
In His Service,
Rev. Michael R. Martin

June 19, 2016  "What's In It For Me?"

Ruth 1 - Michael R. Martin
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June 26, 2016  "God's Living Grace"

Ruth 2 - Michael R. Martin
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Rev. Michael R. Martin


July 10, 2016  'Waiting on the Lord"

Ruth 3 - Rev. Michael R. Martin
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August 7, 2016  'Joy Comes In the Morning"

Ruth 4 - Rev. Michael R Martin
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