July 1, 2018

  Honoring Our Nation and Our God

In our morning Sunday service, our church dedicated this service in praise to our God for the blessings He has sent to us as Americans living in a country where we have freedom to worship our Saviour and our God.

In this special service, we as a church family honored our country, our leaders, our veterans and those who are currently serving in the armed forces and their families. The interim pastor is a veteran who served in the Army North Carolina National Guard between 1971-1977.  In our church family, we have many who has relatives who have served in the armed forces for our country.

Our service included pledges to the American Flag, the Christian Flag, and the Holy Bible with a special time of prayer for our country, our leaders, and those serving and who have served in our military forces and their families. We also took time as a congregation to sing "America the Beautiful" in honor to our nation.

Please take time to listen to our service on this special day along with a short Bible message on Psalms 1 with a sermon titled, "The Christian That Is Blessed."

Thank you for visiting our church website, and trust this message on Psalms 1 will challenge your heart  as the Holy Spirit directs.






July 1, 2018  "The Christian That Is Blessed"

Psalms 1 - Rev. Michael R. Martin
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