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                 June 4, 2023
     Homecoming Guest Speaker
          Pastor Gene McDuffie

Our Church was blessed by having Pastor Gene McDuffie and his wife,Vicky, as our 2023 Homecoming speaker. Our church was celebrating our 82nd anniversary, and we were pleased to have Gene and his wife Vicky to celebrate this great event with us.

Pastor Gene Duffie is the current pastor of Fellowship Baptist church in Eden, NC. He is also a graduate of Piedmont Bible College of Winston-Salem, NC.

After the morning service, their was a church fellowship in the church's fellowship building. Many visitors attended along with faithful church members to celebrate this great event. Their was great fellowship, great music, great preaching, and great food for everyone to enjoy. It was noted by many folks as one of the greatest homecoming ever observed at Crusade Baptist Church.

We welcome you to listen to Gene's challenging message, and we trust this message will be a blessing to you as it was to our church family.






McDuffie pic.jpg

     Pastor Gene McDuffie and wife, Vicky



6-4-23Pastor Gene McDuffie
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