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                      April 1, 2018
  "Seeing The Cross Through Prophesy"
                        Psalms 22                   




In celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, our Easter message focused on looking through the Psalms to see the cross. Psalms 22, 23, and 24 from a trilogy as Messianic Psalms in the Old Testament. Psalms 22. the Good Shepherd, gives his life for the sheep. While Psalms 23, the Great Shepherd, tenderly caring for the sheep. Then, Psalms 24, the Chief Shepherd, appears as king of glory to reward His sheep.​
Psalms 22 is a Messianic Psalm that gives us a graphic picture of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross. it shows His suffering which is fulfilled in the Gospel of Matthew. Then in verse 22 of this Psalm, we break away from the crucifixion, and  we see the resurrection of our Lord.

Although these truths are precious, the cross is more than a symbol. It is the means whereby we not only go to Heaven, but it is the transformation of our lifestyle.  The message of the cross should change us in these four ways:


1.) A Change in Our Thinking


2.) A Change in Our Behavior
3.) A Change in Our Attitude
4.)A Change in our Direction                




I trust this Easter message for 2018 will enhance your appreciation of Christ suffering on the cross for our sins as well as the victory we have in Him in His resurrection. 


If you do not have a personal relationship with Him as your Saviour, I invite you to confess your sins before Him, and ask him to change your life. No sins are so great that His grace cannot forgive!

In His Service,
Rev. Michael R. Martin
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Rev. Michael R. Martin


April 1, 2018  "Seeing The Cross Through


Psalms 22 - Rev. Michael R. Martin
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