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                     October 3, 2021
           Delton Agnor, Guest Speaker

Our church was blessed by having Delton Agnor and his wife, Barbara as our guest. Delton conducted our morning and evening services in the absent of our pastor.

Delton and Barbara are long friends of Crusade Baptist Church, and it is always a joy to have them as our guest. Brother Agnor has a long history serving as a pastor in churches in the Virginia area. Now in his retirement years, he serves as pulpit supply to churches in the Virginia and North Carolina area.


We welcome you to listen to Delton"s challenging message, and we trust his message will be a blessing to you as it was to our church family.  






10-3-21 PM ServiceJohn 12: 20-23
00:00 / 34:08

             Delton Agnor and his wife, Barbara


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